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In the space of On Demand Mobility, a groundswell of consumer enthusiasm signals a much
higher level of opportunity and market acceptance compared to traditional aviation solutions.

Aerial On Demand Mobility is destined to become a mainstream commuter backbone. It will not be tomorrow, but it IS coming. Veetle Aerial Vehicles bridges the gap between existing VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) solutions and the evolution of "tip of the spear" all electric designs. Veetle’s product path includes practical powerplant technology that allows true VTOL performance and modern reliability. Advanced avionics connectivity provides enhanced levels of safety as well as improved flight efficiency. Our unique designs incorporate legacy aviation cornerstones that streamline the development timeline.

Regulatory approval demands a practiced hand to navigate the myriad tests and validation efforts necessary for FAA certification and production capability. Founded with design, engineering, management and sales resources behind the most successful General Aviation products in decades (the Cirrus SR 20/22 and the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet), Veetle Aero Vehicles offers the platform of experience necessary to convert aviation concepts to reality.

Exciting times are ahead and we anticipate a family of economically viable, autonomous and safe aerial transports. Veetle’s elegantly simple solution offers hope to those mired in today's commuter twilight zone.
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